Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 10

Our hanging bed project made the top 10 in the DIY club monthly contest. YEA!  There are some amazing projects (some I think I will copy) you should check them out.  Winners announced next Monday.

DIY Club

I have also been featured over at Apartment Therapy, Sarah Rae Trover wrote this wrote this about our hanging bed

It's no secret that we have a love for hanging beds. The idea of our kids not being able to shove their toys and dirty clothes under them is almost more thrilling than date night. This one makes a big statement, could hold an entire slumber party in the air and we're 100% completely in love and in awe of the handiwork!

You can find this totally rad creation over at Sticks and Stones Home Decor. We always appreciate parents who have a mission to create something awesome and seek inspiration from other sources to get the job done. For this project they examined the way swings are held up on front porches and went from there.
They've been kind enough to share the entire project from start to finish and it's totally doable at home assuming you have a spare bed frame laying around and are handy with tools (or know someone who is). The cabling system is less daunting than you think and we whole heartedly give this diy dream room two thumbs up!

Thanks Sarah

Had I known I was having company I would have finished the room and tidied up the picture a little.  (When I wrote this post I only had 12 followers, mostly family and friends.  I didn't know it would end up on site thousands of people read every day.)  I wanted to get this post done quickly because I really, really want to win the DIY Club monthly contest.  Have you seen the list of sponsor products.  DIYers dream. 

Thanks DIY club.  This is a really fun.  You made my day.