Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hanging Bed

Never watch HGTV with you daughters.  I am warning you, don't do it.  Or you will find yourself doing a project like this one.  My daughters love to watch all those before and after shows with me and while sometimes it feels like I am raising my best buds, it can really get you into trouble.  My daughter first saw a hanging bed on "That's so Raven" she knew she had to have one.  (Never mind that the bed she saw was on a TV set who had professional carpenters on the payroll.)  This is what we came up with. 

First the before ( I love "before and after" posts, but this is really a, "before and after so far" post, because this room is far from done.
We used a 20 year old (at least) bunk to make the bed.  We just cut it down, added bead board to the head board and foot board and put it back together.  (Notice the milk crate she is using as a stool to get up on this thing.  Like I said before this room is far from done.)

This project has a lot of steps so check back and I will walk you through what we did.