Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have to share this story because I can't quit laughing about it.  My cute son and his scout troop went to sing patriotic songs at an assisted living center. 

This cute little elderly lady was sitting in front of us.  She was sporting some very beautiful butterfly barrettes.  I am sure they are all the rage with the elderly women.  The butterfly attached to the barrette with a coil so when she moved her head the butterfly moved kind of like a bobble head.  The butterflies were about the same size as a moth.

Well, my very helpful husband saw this insect hovering just above her head and thought it was real.  So in the spirit of scouting and doing a good turn daily he decided to rescue this poor women and swat the moth away.  Everyone around was watching as he realized it was attached and intentional.  The surprised look on his face was priceless as he apologetically slumped back into his seat. I did the hunched over, trying to be quiet, while tears are running down your face laugh, all the way through God Bless America, and Yankee Doodle Dandy. 

The cute little lady didn't even flinch

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dollar spray paint dilema

Many of my blog friends are not a fan of the dollar spray paint and I understand why.  But I must say for certain items I love the dollar spray paint.  This is why, it is cheap enough you can keep several colors on hand, I am so impatient when I get the itch to paint something I hate having to shower, change out of my paint clothes and go to the store.  I just want to get my milk create out of the garage head to the lawn and spray away.

Here is a lamp from the DI

Here it is with a red oxide primer. Yes, dollar primer.

Here it is with a couple coats of dollar black spray paint.  I think it looks great! Or it would with a cute lamp shade.
I also use dollar spray paint on items I am going to sand through a lot of the paint anyway.  Like this table I got from the DI for $10.00

If I use higher quality paint I just have to do more sanding, and no one likes sanding.

I do splurge for the pricier paint if it is a nice piece of furniture or if the item really has to hold up to some wear and tear.
Happy Painting!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation!!

Well fall is officially here and so I thought I would show the 10 people who read this blog how I have spent my summer vacation.

We are finishing our basement. We hired out the framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall and then even though we know nothing about carpentry we I decided we should do the finish carpentry ourselves.  What can I say I really wanted a nail gun.  Thank goodness for YOUTUBE.  You can learn how to do anything on YOUTUBE.

We are finishing the basement in what we are calling three phases.
Phase one includes paint and carpet and 2 daughters moved into rooms downstairs.
Phase two includes picture frame wainscoting and bathroom
Phase three includes built ins here

 And small kitchen here

Here are a few pics of what we have done so far

 This is where we will attempt to hang our daughters bed.

We have a really good friend who knows a lot about everything coming to paint the basement next week.  I'll pass along everything I learn from him.  ( He grew up working in the family painting business)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Funny things kids say

So Sunday at church a lady was talking, (a really nice lady I am sure) she was saying in a desperate, yearning for God sort of voice, how hard life can be sometimes (then she paused, gazed up to heaven for a sign of a higher power).  This may have been a very moving moment for someone not sitting next to my eight year old son. He said in a DUH, get a grip lady, kind of voice.  "UH life isn't that hard, we can go out to eat, we have corn dogs, and we can play with Yo-Yo's."  DUH

I think he may be on to something there.

This is the kind of thing that gets written here in my house. 

This same child makes the board often.  One of the funniest things he's ever said was when he was about 4 years old.  I was helping him out of the tub,  just as he was stepping out of the tub he let an extremely loud toot.  Although I don't know if  you can call it a toot.  Toot is kind of a cute word. this was the kind of gas passing that changes a boy into a man.  He was beaming with pride as he said, "Wo, I just paid my taxes with that one."  We still use this line when someone really does themselves proud in our house.