Friday, May 7, 2010

The good Lord giveth, and he taketh away. (And hopefully giveth again)

I started this blog thinking it would be a fun place to document projects. People ask me at times how I have done something and I thought I could combine my newest hobby (photography) with my little bit older hobby (turning junk into something cool).

I mentioned in my first post the kitchen ceiling caving in. This is how it started, more about that later.

Well Tuesday night one of the children plugged up the toilet, it ran all night drenching my house including my newly drywalled basement with poo juice. Okay, okay I think most of it was clean water but when I say poo juice people make funny faces and I find that entertaining.

So now I think I'll blog my way through the restoration process (how do they get poo juice out from underneath hardwood floors anyway, kids put your shoes on!) Here are a few pics of some of the damage.

If you can contain your excitement I will show you my wavy wood floor tomorrow. Until then may your toilets flush properly.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us. We really appreciate it VERY MUCH!!

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