Monday, September 27, 2010

Dollar spray paint dilema

Many of my blog friends are not a fan of the dollar spray paint and I understand why.  But I must say for certain items I love the dollar spray paint.  This is why, it is cheap enough you can keep several colors on hand, I am so impatient when I get the itch to paint something I hate having to shower, change out of my paint clothes and go to the store.  I just want to get my milk create out of the garage head to the lawn and spray away.

Here is a lamp from the DI

Here it is with a red oxide primer. Yes, dollar primer.

Here it is with a couple coats of dollar black spray paint.  I think it looks great! Or it would with a cute lamp shade.
I also use dollar spray paint on items I am going to sand through a lot of the paint anyway.  Like this table I got from the DI for $10.00

If I use higher quality paint I just have to do more sanding, and no one likes sanding.

I do splurge for the pricier paint if it is a nice piece of furniture or if the item really has to hold up to some wear and tear.
Happy Painting!!!