Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I never should have titled my last post WINDOW WEEK.  It should have been tittled WINDOW -when ever I get around to it. I have had technical difficulties with my hard drive.  Help Paul!

So I am not going to show you the chalk boards today we will go for a patriotic theme.
I bought the flag at the dollar store.  It was made in China, has the wrong number of stripes and is a square instead of a rectangle.  But, when I wrapped it around a piece of cardboard cut to fit the window it looked okay.  I also tea stained the flag before I put it in the window.  This only works with cotton flags.  Many flags are nylon which makes them very weather resistant but it will not take the tea well. 

Cost- $2
window- free
flag- $1
tea- $1 (got that from dollar store also)
stain (left over from another project) I also stained the window frame, still worried about lead paint.

I didn't make this idea up, I saw this in a local antique boutique for $120.00.  I think they had a real vintage flag inside, but for $118.00 savings I will go for the knock off flag.  Is that unpatriotic?