Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inappropriately obsessed with moulding!!!

I think I may have some sort of illness.  I think it is some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder.  When I see a beautiful wood door, or chunky mouldings, an awesome fireplace mantle, or raised panel wainscoting I have this need to stare at it and touch it.  Sometimes it even takes my breath away like a beautiful sunset or flower. (You think I am kidding but I am not.)  On several occasions I have gotten up at night because I have something new in my house and I have to look at it one more time or I can't sleep.  (Not in a prideful sort of way but in an OCD sort of way.) So if you see me running my fingers over your baseboards don't be alarmed I won't hurt anyone it just calms my soul (give me a break, Jesus was a carpenter he probably does the same thing.)

So now that you know my deep dark secret it may surprise you that we are going to attempt our own finish carpentry in the basement.  We have never done anything like this and I am sure there is a learning curve to this sort of thing so if it goes badly I may need intense therapy.

However, I am proud to announce that the tile is done and the baseboards are up in the flooded bathroom and I think they are beautiful.  My hubby did most of it and I love it.  When we were removing the old baseboards we didn't score the caulk so the drywall ripped a little.

I saw this as an opportunity to fulfill my dream of 7 inch baseboards. 

We stacked regular 3.5 inch baseboards on a piece of MDF and just caulked in between. 

The best part about stacking the baseboards like this is it is a lot cheaper than buying 5 inch baseboards.  Just a few more projects in the bathroom and it will be finished.

I am sure you are all asleep now unless you have a similar obsession with moulding like me.