Friday, June 18, 2010

My husband got me new KNOCKERS from the dumpster?!?

Tuesday my husband and I were at a local building supply company picking up moulding for our basement. We had to drive around back to the warehouse to get our moulding.  While there we saw one of the employees looking in the dumpster at a really cool door knob attached to a board.  Knowing my obsession for old doors (and anything having to do with old doors) my husband said, "if he doesn't take that do you want me to go ask him if we can have it?"  UH YEAH.  He had to go ask the "boss" but came back with these. 

Can you believe they were just throwing these away?  None of the door knobs have keys and they are not matching sets because these are sample boards and they are showing all the finishes they come in.  But I still think they are so cool.  If my hubby had given me these for Christmas I may have call Oprah and turned him in for the best gift giver ever.

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  1. JEALOUS!!! Those are unbelievable! And gotta love your post title ;-D.