Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cool Junk

I got this idea from a crafty friend and I have made several of them. The bread boxes are easy to find at thrift stores and the DI.  They usually run between $3.00 and $5.00. 

How to:

1.  I bring them home and wash the cobwebs out of them. 
2.   Prime them and paint them.  I use spray paint.  Walmart has primer and paint for a dollar a can. Yahooey!!  
3.  Sometimes I distress them with a little sandpaper around the edges. 
4.  I sometimes stain or glaze over them.  (I just use what ever I have on hand.  Just brush it on wipe it off) The bread boxes usually have dings and scratches in them.  When you distress them it looks like those dings were on purpose. 
5.  Add vinyl lettering. 

They are super easy and super cheap.

The uglier they are the cheaper they are.

Here are some other uses we have come up with for these bread boxes.
1.  Drill a hole in the back to thread your cell phone charger through.  Put c-hooks inside for keys, set on a shelf near  the door you use the most. (I love to have a hidden place for clutter.) Instead of putting the word "bread" on it you could put "stuff" or "simplify".
2.  My daughter came up with this one.  Some of the bread boxes have a magnetic closure.  Her idea was to hang it upside down underneath your kitchen cabinet next to the phone.  Put pens, note pad etc. for a little message center.  Brilliant!
3.  If your bread box is big enough you could hide your can opener or toaster inside.  Again, just drill a hole in the back to thread the cord through.
4.  Giant recipe box
5.  Bill/mail organizer
6.  Desk organizer


  1. Love the boxes...I want one!

  2. Great ideas!! Years ago, I used to paint these and sell them when crafty country was all the rage. I still have a few that never got painted. I have been looking for a place for keys, phones,mail, my mind..... Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Painting!

  3. Oooh, I've got one that's been sitting in my garage all summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  4. What a great idea! I use to have a huge bread box! I could have made it a dog house! Ha! Ha!
    Thanks for such a great upcycle idea!